7 Futuristic Gadgets That Actually Exist!!!

  1. Microsoft HoloLen


All that stuff from the “Minority Report” we always wanted, you know, the holographic screens that jet out in front of us that we can tap like some kind of secret agent, scientific genius or superhero? Yeah, Microsoft has one of those, and it was just unveiled in January. HoloLens allows users to create and manipulate personalized holograms all with the use of goggles. Users can print their holograms using 3D printers and even transport themselves virtually via the HoloLens goggles. HoloLens will be available later this year after the Windows 10 release, and is expected to have a price tag below $500.

2. Copenhagen Wheel

Superpedestrian invented a bike rear wheel that contains a cheery red, smartphone savvy, circular motor, essentially giving your bike a brain, turning it into a smart bike. The motor uses wireless connectivity to track your personal speed and style of riding, then clicks on to boost your speed to make riding faster and easier. Based on terrain, how hard you pedal and how often you brake, the smart controls connected to the pedals assist you in a whole new electric hybrid way. The wheel just had its trial run with more than a hundred satisfied users. For now, they will be shipping in spring at a higher $949 price, but could drop as low as $699.

3. Breathometer’s Mint

Say goodbye to morning breath! The lovely people at Breathometer who brought you the portable blood/alcohol level device for your safe driving convenience just came out with Mint, the portable fresh breath device for everyone else’s convenience. Tired of people avoiding you for some strange reason you can’t put your finger on? That’s right, you just ate garlic knots after your third straight day of not brushing and your coworkers switched desk again. Mint is the little green tech wonder that provides fresh breath and hydration, which is directly related to your breath, and records data on your breath and hydration levels over time. Mint’s anticipated release is summer 2015, to be priced just under $100.

4. Flexible Smartphone: Samsung Youm


Bendable phones seem like something you might only find aboard an antigravity machine in outer space, but Samsung begs to differ with their invention of the Youm. More flexible than your yogi girlfriend – okay, not that flexible – the Youm is virtually indestructible, made from OLED (organic light-emitting iodide) and featuring the new Windows operating system. It’s the first of its kind, but don’t be surprised if there is a vast array to choose from soon, as Samsung has the OLED market cornered. The phone was unveiled at CES 2014 and is expected to be available in 2015 around the same time as the Windows 10.

5. Haier’s Transparent, Eye-Controlled TV


A high resolution screen you can see right through? And when it’s on, you can change settings by moving your eyes? Say it ain’t so. As far as innovation goes, this is a great solution to have a black box sitting awkwardly in your living room. But Haier’s transparent screen makes leaving the TV off not such an odd thing. This is a hard one to wrap your head around as these screens get smaller and thinner, but now it can also be controlled by the user’s eyes. With an OLED center, this unique prototype is reminiscent of Samsung’s 14-inch transparent laptop and is expected for an upcoming release.

6. Solar Power Socket


We’d all take solar panels for Christmas and say goodbye to ridiculous energy bills, but we’re not holding our breath when solar technology is so expensive, that is, until this sweet little socket was birthed. Designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh, the socket is a charger that sticks to your window – preferably one facing the sun, if you want it to work – and charges your basic electronics . It takes five hours to charge but works for up to 10 hours, essentially working as a power socket for basic needs. Hey, it’s no solar panel, but it’s a start. Maybe you can even work away from your desk. They’re not the only ones though, as Apple has been rumored to be coming out with solar chargers too, amongst other big innovations.


7. Ring


Sure you have rings, but nothing like Ring, the silver circle that controls your entire life with just one gesture, from music and television controls to uploading photos and giving you the weather. Available now at $130 after receiving the Innovation Award at CES 2015, the ring is a wearable device that has the wearer gesture using the finger the ring is on to manipulate an action. For example, if you want the TV on, just point your ring finger at the TV and make the symbol for the “on” button. It’s much easier to see than explain, so hop on over to the Logbar website for an impressive demonstration.



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